Club 1506 Audio or Video Submission Form

Club 1506 enjoys featuring the interviews and stories of many independent or unsigned solo artists, groups, or song writers at various levels of success. However; we do understand that an interview can be a bit time consuming, or simply something you may not be interested in. Club 1506 will still be more than happy to feature your music on our website, Youtube channel, and pod casts. Before we can do that we'll need your expressed written consent allowing us to do so. Please note that we will not monetize our videos using your music nor will we use your music to advertise our website. (unless you allow us to use your music for commercial purposes)

Please include at least one link to your social media sites or website.


Artist, Band, or Legal Representative Name
Please provide your written consent for submission (or removal)
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We are currently accepting submissions that meet the following criteria.

  • Must be family friendly. (clean versions of your songs)
  • Must be your original property.
  • Audio should be in MP3 format.

Pleaes Note: Long songs may be edited for time purposes.

You can also send:
  • Soundcloud links
  • Youtube links
  • Vimeo links

Club1506 and it's authorized staff members reserve the right to remove any submitted audio or video, at any time, with or without warning.

You can request that your audio or video can be removed from our webpage at any time. Please note, depending on the situation, there may be a 90 day cool down period after your audio or video has been removed. Please allow up to three business days for your request to be completed.